Tile Extract Feature Comes to Mighty Tile ReArranger

Mighty Tile ReArranger v1.3 - Release Notes


Mighty Tile ReArranger is very much meant to be a single purpose tool, but all the same, it occurred to me that it would be awfully handy to be able to extract tiles from an  image and re-arrange them all in one go, so v1.3 brings a built in tile extractor.   Simply set the grid size as you normally would, hit the 'XTRACT' button, choose an image and Mighty Tile ReArranger will load up the image, extract all the unique tiles it can find and queue them up for you to re-arrange as you please.

Be warned, the extracted tiles can look a little strange at first, since they come out all jumbled up, but with a little re-arranging you should have them all set and ready to use in your next project!


mighty_tile_rearranger-v1.3-setup.exe 2 MB
Jan 29, 2022

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