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nice twist on an arcade classic! any chance of a web version at this point? i know i'm late to the party :)

Thanks for the kind words!
Sadly, a browser version is probably quite far off.  I'd love to get one working and it's theoretically possible as the code base for all my stuff is done in C# with a portability layer built into the engine that I have used successfully in the past (to release games on the Playstation Mobile platform, if you remember that one! ;).   I'd also love to get a linux build going at some point.  It's mostly just a matter of having the time to sit down and get it all working.

I really liked this one! Definitely my favourite of the jam.


Very good creation.

A classic pacman-digdug game.

Report that to get out of the game he only lets me do it with the keyboard and not with the controller.

Thanks for the kind words and the bug report, I'll look into it!