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Winner of OpenGameArt.org's Summer 2018 Game Jam, The Adventures of Yulpers! returns in the greatly enhanced and expanded Game of the Jam! Edition.

Ready, set, YULP!
It's time to yulp your way to fame and glory with The Adventures of Yulpers! Game of the Jam! Edition.
The more you yulp, the longer you get, but watch out for the sinister Gulpers or you'll get gulped!
Hop, bop, jump and yulp you're way through thirty-two levels of adventure with Yulpers in this delightfully colorful retro platformer.
But don't stop with the built-in levels, create your own adventures for Yulpers with the included and fully featured level editor!

New in the Game of the Jam! Edition:

  • All new theme song and level music by Snabisch!
  • New logo and box art by GrafxKid!
  • All 16 original levels expanded and reworked, plus 16 brand new levels!
  • Hidden under-log  areas!
  • New enemies, hazards and powerups!
  • Moving platforms!
  • Improved boss fights!
  • Improved Level editor!
  • New environments!
  • Added scenery!
  • New 'Hard' difficulty mode!

Created with the love and gobs wonderful art and music from OpenGameArt.org, Yulpers is sure to a bring a smile to even the most hardened players, so grab a controller or keyboard and get ready to YULP!

System Requirements:
Windows PC
Keyboard or controller
Mouse required for level editor.
Microsoft .NET Framework vers 4.0 (or better)
OpenGL 3.0 Compatible Video Card
   Nvidia GeForce 8000 series or better
   Ati Radeon HD 2000 series or better
   Intel HD 4500 or better
   You can check specific cards at:
100mb Free Hard Drive Space

The Adventures of Yulpers! Game of the Jam! Edition is copyright Scott Matott 2018.  All rights reserved.

Music by Snabisch. 

Logo and box art by GrafxKid.

See the included ReadMe file for detailed creative attributions.