The Adventures of Yulpers! v1.21 Released

Just some minor fixes and changes.

Special thanks to VinnNo.0 for helping identify and fix the Nvidia 1366x768 bug.

    Windows Display (DPI) Scaling disabled at startup (window resolution exactly matches resolution player selects).
    Video options default to fullscreen mode.
    Bug fix: Random vertical lines no longer appear when running in 1366x768 and 1360x768 resolution on Nvidia cards.
    Mosiquito speed/difficulty tweaked (made slower/easier).
    Errant helmet removed from 2nd grassland level.
    Scroll speed for title and credits backdrops tweaked (slowed down).
    Errant pixel cleanup for title text and grass backdrop.
    Credit added for 'Good Fruits' by Master484.
    Credit added for 'Celta World NES Version' by Snabisch.
    Credits removed for unused assets ('Around The World NES Version' and '2D Pixel Clouds').


yulpers-v1.21-setup.exe 12 MB
Aug 20, 2018

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