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> Never have I heard a more withthelove plot :3

lol, guilty as charged.  :)

>Never seen more withthelove graphics :3

> cool to see your graphics improve as well!

> The birds look great, hough the trees look awfully square x3

Thanks, I have been really trying to improve my pixel art skills, so I'm glad it's showing a little bit at least.  :)

> The same seems choppy with a low framerate however, and also like a Wonder Kids clone.

I guess we PM'd about this.  Sounds like switching from windowed mode to fullscreen got things running at a proper frame rate for you.

> But I suppose math games are your new calling :3 If that is what you want to do, then don't let me tell you different :3

I'll admit all these edutainment games serve a double purpose for me.  I enjoy the challenge of making learning fun and they're a way to trick my kids into doing math.  :) 

Thanks again for all the kind words!  

Deleted post

> Perhaps that could be a way to earn extra owls though !

Ah, but there is! 

Bonk 10 Beaky Birds and a heart will spawn, catch it to heal 1 heart. 

Bonk 50 Beaky Birds and an owl egg will spawn and hop across the ground.  Go catch it to earn an extra life!

> Not that I really know if you are interested in updating this game further,

I'm always up for hearing ideas and improving my games!

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