Scary The Penguin - After Hours Jam Edition Released!

In celebration of all the positive feedback the OGA Winter Game Jam 2020 release of Scarfy has garnered, withthelove proudly presents a special After Hours Jam Edition of Scarfy that adds more rooms, more power ups, and more fun!

Here's a short form summary of all the changes:

    Completes and improves on the Jam build in more ways than you can shake a scarf at!
    Fixed all outstanding bugs.
    Dozens of new screens added.
    Two new scarves added, for a total of 8 scarf powers to collect!
    Dozens of yarnballs and herrings added to seek out!
    Two more hatchlings added for a total of 10 to rescue!
    Continue feature added.    


Scarfy The Penguin After Hours Jam Edition-v2.0_setup.exe 14 MB
Mar 12, 2020
Scarfy The Penguin-v1.04-Jam_Build_setup.exe 14 MB
Feb 23, 2020

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I see this new version much better. A platform game for the whole family with a great soundtrack and well elaborated 8-bit pixel art graphics.

Thanks very much for trying the new version out,  glad you liked it!   

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Niiice! Sounds cool mate. Great game!

Love the title screen logo btw...very nice :)

Thanks!  The title was definitely something I wanted to improve upon from the Jam build (whose logo was strictly rough draft territory), so I'm really glad to hear you like how it came out!