Pixel Palette Tool v1.90 Released

PixelPaletteTool v1.90 - Release Notes


This is a small feature update that includes the following changes:

    Palette's loaded in correct order from indexed color images.

    Added option for 1:1 color mapping (useful for quickly mapping image from one index palette to another)

     - hold shift and press '1:1 MAP' button to use (replaces 'AUTO MAP' button)

     - maps image color 1 to palette color 1, image color 2 to palette color 2, and so on...

     - colors are mapped in order they are displayed (so moving colors in image palette or map palette will affect 1:1 mapping order)    

    Added +/- keyboard shortcuts for zoom in/out.

Many thanks to zweifuss for suggesting the 1:1 mapping feature!


pixelpalettetool-v1.90-setup.exe 2.1 MB
Jul 09, 2021

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