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PixelPaletteTool is a tool for swapping the colors in an image. It can be used to convert an image from one palette to another, or to create multiple color variants of an image.

PixelPaletteTool has both a GUI and command line mode. The command line mode is limited to performing a single palette swap using a swap set file (previously created and saved via the PixelPaletteTool GUI) OR automatically mapping an image to a palette.

System Requirements:
Windows PC
Microsoft .NET Framework vers 4.0 (or better)
OpenGL 3.0 Compatible Video Card
   Nvidia GeForce 8000 series or better
   Ati Radeon HD 2000 series or better
   Intel HD 4500 or better
   You can check specific cards at:
100mb Free Hard Drive Space

Command line usage:
usage: PixelPaletteTool.exe -i infile -o outfile [-s swap_file | -p palette_image]
-s swap_file      -  Swap colors in infile according to color mapping data in swap_file
-p palette_image  -  Automatically map colors in infile to palette in palette_image using CIE color distance.
swap_file should be a color swap file previously constructed in PixelPaletteTool GUI.
palette_image should be an image file, palette is extracted by scanning all RGB values in the image.
Supported image formats are PNG, BMP, JPEG.
Running with no arguments will launch PixelPaletteTool GUI

GUI Controls -
GUI controlled by the mouse.
middle mouse button - panning
scroll wheel - zoom in/out
space + mouse - panning
shift - enable alternate button functions

Keyboard Shortcuts -
l - load image
s - save image
p - load palette from image file
b - set background color
up/down - zoom in/out
left/right - prev/next start color in image palette

Color palette swatches (under 'Palette'):
The color for the current selection is outlined in white.
Unused colors are outlined in black.  
Used colors have no outline.  

Known Issues:
Window sometimes doesn't respond to clicks on title bar or window frame.
(Try clicking off window then directly onto the title bar.)

PixelPaletteTool is Copyright Scott Matott 2017-2024.  All rights reserved.

Art from the following works was used in the creation of this tool.
Modifications were made.

A package of 8-bit fonts for Grafx2 and Linux by usr_share
Used under terms of the CC0 license.

Mouse Pointer Sprite by qubodup
Used under terms of the CC0 license.

This software uses the zlib and libpng libraries by Jean-Loup Gailly and Mark Adler.
This software is based in part on the work of the Independent JPEG Group.
This software uses the SDL and SdlDotNet libraries under terms of the GNU LGPL license, see bin/Readme-SDL.txt and bin/LGPL-License.txt for details.
This software uses the OpenTK library under terms of the OpenTK license, see bin/OpenTK-License.txt for details.

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